Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Many Options

Allison and I have begun the process of looking into all of the adoption options that are available to us. In no particular order here are the ones that we have found so far.

  • International
  • LDS Family Services
  • Foster to Adopt
  • Domestic

Over the next four posts (hopefully 2 weeks) we will expound on what we have learned so far about the positives and negatives of each and hopefully by doing so we will come closer to the answer of which one is best for our family.

I also would like to thank all those who have showed us support thus far. We love you.

God Bless,



  1. well what ever you need to do will shine thrugh.

    love big sis

  2. Is stealing a baby cuz we think its cute illegal honey:)

    I joke, i tease!

    LOVE YOU...and thank you for being such a wonderful loyal husband,


  3. interestingly, i have a good friend here who is in the adoption process. she is a social worker and really loves LDS family services. my guess is that it probably takes longer for everything to go through though. Anyway, she continues to have wonderful things to say about them. Oh, and your aunt (Kris) would prob know a little about them too. Good luck you guys!