Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is Everyone Drinking Different Water?

It seems that all it takes for our family and friends to get pregnant is to bat eyes at one another or possibly it is just a suggestive come thither glance and stork comes a flyin. With everyone making it look so easy, Allison and I weren't prepared for the difficulty we have had joining the parenting ranks.

Coming from a small family I never gave much thought to the size of the family I desired to have or when I would start that family. Allison, on the other hand is 1 of 10 children with 7 sisters. She has always dreamed of the day when she would bring into this world a child of her own.

As each month would pass and the cycle would come, I could see the disappointment, sadness and grief build in Allison. I must admit the first month or two it was quite the relief for me. That feeling quickly faded as I realized that while I may never feel ready to become a father, I will not get any closer than I am now.

Knowing that we do not have control over all things, Allison and I began discussing the options that are available to us. While we don't plan to write off getting pregnant as a lost cause, we do feel it is time to prepare for a future where that may be our reality. To us, adoption makes the most sense.

At this point we are just beginning our research on the adoption process and pray that the Lord will guide us down the path that He has in store. We welcome your feedback, stories, encouragement and assistance as we travel through this journey.

Please feel free to share our blog with those you feel may benefit from it or would enjoy sharing these experiences with us.

God Bless,



  1. Wow
    Brad what a wonderful story. We love you both and will support you in any way that we can. We can hardly wait for more babies to be add to our eternal family no matter how the Lord decides to have them join our family.
    love ya bunches
    mom and steveo

  2. Brad, I wish you and Allison the best. You two will be wonderful parents. Hang in there and keep on trying. The Lord will Bless you. Love you guys
    Jamie McDonald

  3. I don't know what you've done and haven't done yet, but I know exactly how you feel when someone else tells you they're expecting and you think- why can't that be me? I feel for you guys and wish you the best. It took Anthony and I almost 5 years to get our first little one. Test after test, complications, surgery. My doctor sat me down and said we'll try one more thing and if it doesn't work, the chances of you getting pregnant are slim to nothing. Wow!
    Don't give up hope. It will happen one way or the other. And hey- when or if you adopt, they are still yours to love and hold and help grow. Good luck. I don't know your wife, but she must be awesome! Give her a big hug from me.

  4. Hey guys! Just sending you are love. I can imagine the disappointment but don't give up hope just yet... I know couple who've tried 3,4,5 years and finally got pregnant. But Adoption is a beautiful and very special way of building a family. Rely on the Lord and He will guide you in your adventures of parenthood. We are excited for you to experience the joys of parenthood either way! Good luck and we love you!
    Tyler and Natalie

  5. Hey you two! You two are such wonderful people and I love you guys! I know that you guys will make such wonderful parents, for you are both very loving and supportive! You guys always look for the best in people and I love that! You guys have made it this far and the Lord won't abandon you, and neither will I! Keep up on your goals and dreams and let nothing stand in the way! All my love and prayers,
    Kandee F <3