Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Many Options

Allison and I have begun the process of looking into all of the adoption options that are available to us. In no particular order here are the ones that we have found so far.

  • International
  • LDS Family Services
  • Foster to Adopt
  • Domestic

Over the next four posts (hopefully 2 weeks) we will expound on what we have learned so far about the positives and negatives of each and hopefully by doing so we will come closer to the answer of which one is best for our family.

I also would like to thank all those who have showed us support thus far. We love you.

God Bless,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is Everyone Drinking Different Water?

It seems that all it takes for our family and friends to get pregnant is to bat eyes at one another or possibly it is just a suggestive come thither glance and stork comes a flyin. With everyone making it look so easy, Allison and I weren't prepared for the difficulty we have had joining the parenting ranks.

Coming from a small family I never gave much thought to the size of the family I desired to have or when I would start that family. Allison, on the other hand is 1 of 10 children with 7 sisters. She has always dreamed of the day when she would bring into this world a child of her own.

As each month would pass and the cycle would come, I could see the disappointment, sadness and grief build in Allison. I must admit the first month or two it was quite the relief for me. That feeling quickly faded as I realized that while I may never feel ready to become a father, I will not get any closer than I am now.

Knowing that we do not have control over all things, Allison and I began discussing the options that are available to us. While we don't plan to write off getting pregnant as a lost cause, we do feel it is time to prepare for a future where that may be our reality. To us, adoption makes the most sense.

At this point we are just beginning our research on the adoption process and pray that the Lord will guide us down the path that He has in store. We welcome your feedback, stories, encouragement and assistance as we travel through this journey.

Please feel free to share our blog with those you feel may benefit from it or would enjoy sharing these experiences with us.

God Bless,